Paperkast is an academic article sharing and discussion platform

Recently, online academic debates have begun to appear in many parts of the internet, especially on Twitter. Twitter is a great medium for PR for your article and also to be aware of other people’s work. A large number of academics, graduate students, and scholarly article readers, use it as an RSS feed. What’s more, scientists also receive feedback on their articles.

But the problem of this niche is that the discussion on a certain article is not collected in one place.

In fact, online article discussion is not a new concept. Previously, sites such as PubPeer, Fermat’s Library are founded for debate and anotation on the papers. PubPeer debates are quite famous (it also creates sensation). The aim of Fermat’s Library is a little more on the annotation side of the paper. The only problem of these websites are the limited discussion space. Plus, they are not meant to be for every discipline. And to me, there is no discussion-inducing design that is present in reddit-like websites. It just seems like there is a need for a less complicated and directional platform.

The tag system exists to specify the disciplines to which the article belongs. We think that with one or two tags, the scientific discipline of the article can be specified. Requests from the community are also welcomed as they can submit tag requests with ‘feedback’ tag. Therefore tags that are needed for a specific article would be added to Paperkast.

Please send an email to mail at for any inquiries and feedbacks.

Enjoy the discussion!

Paperkast Team